What is 80/10/10?

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I am following the plan as detailed in the book: The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham.

A diet that is raw includes any food that is not cooked above 104˚ (but for some people, as high as 118˚). It is believed that at higher temperatures natural enzymes in produce that are critical for building proteins and rebuilding the body are destroyed.

801010 RAW refers to 80% carbs/10% fats/10% proteins and is not your average RAW diet. If you think just being RAW seems like a big step, than 801010 is a gigantic catapult. Non-801010 raw, gourmet raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes rely on a lot of fats (avocado, nuts, coconut) and a lot of dessert-type foods (made with: agave, honey, maple syrup, etc.). 801010 limits fats (even those perceived as good fats) to a mere 10% of the overall diet and eliminates overt fats (oils & butters) all together. This translates into consuming non overt fats every second day or a few times a week. Desserts come in the form of very ripe fruit, eaten whole or chopped up into recipes with other very ripe fruit. No other sweetener is used. Protein exists in every fruit and almost all vegetables, so protein in the form of seeds or nuts are only consumed every other or every second day. (I won’t even get into spices, dried foods, vinegars and other fermented items, for example).

Fruit, being 80% of the lifestyle, comprises almost all of my meals. I eat mono-meals of a single type of fruit. An example would be bananas, which are fairly cheap, very filling and provide a lot of fuel. I’ll easily eat 5-10 bananas over the course of 30-60 minutes for breakfast and around lunchtime, I’ll have 8 oranges. I’ll mix it up depending on what’s in season, but you get the idea. It may seem like a lot of fruit, but depending on the size and ripeness, one banana is only about 80 calories, so although you may feel stuffed after 3, that’s not enough to fuel you over the course of the day. 12 bananas provides about 10 grams of protein and a ton of naturally delivered hydration, so I find that as I eat more fresh fruit, I actually drink less water.

The only time I feel that I physically NEED to cheat is when I don’t eat enough fruits during the day. When I’ve satiated my body with an adequate amount of fruit, I feel amazing, full of energy, I sleep better and feel really great overall. My body will tell me when I need to add a fat or protein and I’ll add a fattier dressing to my salad by mixing about 2T tahini with some water and lemon juice or, I’ll top my mega salad with a 1/3 of an avocado or a few nuts. Before doing 801010, that would not have been enough, but eating this way has readjusted what my body needs and cravings for fats and sweets have been shut off almost since day one.

Transitioning to a high or fully RAW lifestyle is recommended, but I went cold turkey. I do cheat occasionally, but even this has been occurring less and less. I have found a way to be socially present with others over food by being a bit more creative when it’s my turn to order and will often suggest pot luck, so that I can bring one of my mega salads. Most restaurants offer at least one salad, so I make it work. When at all possible, which is most cases, I’ll grab some fruit beforehand and fill up. Asian restaurants are impossible to eat raw, so I’ve given up trying and just look for the most appealing “cheat” on the menu. For me it is about balance and being flexible. I really want to try this as a long term way of eating and to do so means throwing rigidity out the window.

I will eat meat occasionally and meat is almost always the item I’ll choose if and when I cheat. I try to make it count whether it’s a juicy cheese burger or even something as simple as a grilled portabella mushroom with blue cheese. For me, a cheat is anything cooked as both of these examples are… good thing they are both totally YUM!

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